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How does pace of work affect warehouse injury rates?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Making your living in an Indiana warehouse is tough on the body, with many warehouse workers suffering more serious injuries than employees in many other professional positions. Messy work environments, fall hazards and distractions all have the potential to raise your risk of a work-related injury in a warehouse. However, research shows that something else is contributing to the uptick in warehouse worker injuries seen nationwide: the frenetic pace of work in these environments.

According to Business Insider, one of the nation’s largest warehouse employers is in the spotlight for forcing its workers to maintain a rapid pace of work, even though that high pace brings with it significant injury risks.

How work pace contributes to injury risks

A recent study conducted over a two-year span showed that a direct connection exists between the high rate of injuries seen among warehouse workers and the high pace of work their employers demand. In fact, data shows that those who work for this particular warehouse employer are twice as likely to experience serious work-related injuries as employees who work for other warehouse employers.

What types of injuries are common in warehouse work

While working in a warehouse exposes you to many types of injury risks, sprains and strains are especially common. Research shows that those who work for the employer mentioned herein also suffer four times as many strains and sprains as workers employed by other warehouse operators. Back, neck and spinal injuries are also frequent results of warehouse work, among other injury types.

When you suffer a severe injury due to the pace of work in a warehouse or another type of warehouse hazard, you may have the option of pursuing workers’ compensation insurance.