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Speed a factor in almost 30% of car crash deaths

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2023 | Personal Injury

Speeding is a pervasive issue that contributes to a substantial number of car crashes, jeopardizing the safety of the public. The consequences of excessive speed can be severe, leading to accidents that result in injuries, fatalities and property damage.

Expanding public awareness of the dangers associated with excessive speed helps foster a safer road environment. It also helps reduce the occurrence of accidents that endanger lives and property.

How speeding impairs driving ability

Driving at excessive speeds reduces a driver’s reaction time. This makes it challenging to respond to sudden obstacles, traffic changes or emergencies. In situations where quick decisions are often necessary, the increased speed becomes a significant disadvantage, increasing the risk of collisions.

Additionally, the impact of a crash becomes more severe at higher speeds. In high-speed collisions, the kinetic energy involved is greater. This means there are more destructive forces at play upon impact. This, in turn, leads to more significant injuries and vehicle damage.

How speeding endangers the public

Speed-related accidents often result in severe injuries ranging from broken bones to head trauma. Moreover, the risk of fatalities significantly increases when drivers exceed speed limits, impacting not only the involved individuals but their families and communities as well.

High-speed collisions can cause extensive damage to vehicles and property. Repairing or replacing damaged vehicles and infrastructure can impose significant financial burdens on individuals and communities.

According to Bankrate, 29% of all vehicle deaths in 2021 resulted from speed-related crashes. This indicates that motorists and policymakers alike must do more to reduce speed-involved accidents and improve public safety on the nation’s roads.